Monday, May 24, 2010

Why you should and why you shouldn't ?

Why you should and why you shouldn't make the first move??


1. When he is the first guy u r attracted to,after meeting...maybe about 400 guys but no one really caught your eyes.

2. You know he already fell for you by looking at his cues.

3. When your meeting is something planned by both your parents and that your mother would kill you if u object.

4. He is so shy yet he's hot. He only talks about 10 words within 10 minutes conversation.

5. You're determined enough and not afraid of rejection at all.


1. He is cute and cool and smart and all...but he's such a...jerk?

2. He is prone to openness that he would talk about you asking him out to everyone he knows.

3. He told you that you look like someone else, especially someone he adores...or his ex...ewww

4. Because of our culture and norms. Girls are meant to wait for guys to make the first move.
5. Girls should play hard to get...a bit, right?

6. He is your best friend's ex.

7. You know he's attached to someone else.

8. He's giving you mixed signals all the time.

9. There are always many... I mean a lot of girls around him all the time.

Now you know why you shouldn't start it. I mean there are more 'shouldn'ts' than 'shoulds' from my point of view, especially if you're a malay girl. Dan tak semua yang kita harapkan akan jadi kenyataan. Yang pastinya, Allah Maha Mengetahui apa yang terbaik untuk diri kita. Sama-samalah kita berdoa untuk jodoh yang terbaik dari Allah.InsyaAllah.

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